Ayln’s Journey: The Beginning

Garrond looked to the left, and then to the right, quickly, frantically. His comrades fired spells, shot arrows, and slung insults at the towering beast before them.

He still could not believe that the wizard before them had transformed into a dragon.

“Down!” Ayln cried to the others as she took a step forward to launch a powerful enchantment at the monster.

The Dragon roared, and a hex fired from one of its raised claws.




“Look out!” Garrond shouted, trying to warn her.

But it was too late.

Ayln’s eyes grew wide as the magic moved towards her, fast as lightning, blinding, searing.
She closed her eyes at the last moment, waiting to be consumed.

When nothing happened she opened her eyes slowly.

Her mind was puzzled at the scene before her.

Everything around her was frozen perfectly in time.

She had seen magic like it before, of course, but nothing as powerful even to effect a full grown dragon. There the beast stood, frozen upon the pedestal on the other side of the chasm separating him from the group.

But what was most disconcerting was that she was not her. Or at least, she was, but wasn’t at the same time. She stood outside of her body, staring at herself; frozen, standing right in the blast of the dragon’s dark enchantment.

She went up and touched herself on the cheek, then took a step back when she saw her own hand and the etherealness of it.


She half-jumped at the sound.

A cat.

She looked down. A small feline, black as night, stared up at her, its eyes glinting a bright greenish yellow. They were not eyes of a mere animal, but one of a wise and ancient being.

Something was in its mouth, a scroll, rolled and partially squished between its teeth.

Ayln didn’t recognize it at first, but as the cat turned, she spied the markings on the parchment.

“Hey! That is ours! Give it here! What is going on!?” She wanted to say, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out.

The cat looked up at her knowingly and nodded.

It then turned its head to look at the other Ayln, the one trapped behind the magic, frozen, about to be, well, affected by whatever enchantment the dragon had cast.

The cat turned and looked back at Ayln. Then it bounded forward, and spit the gateway scroll out of its mouth. The scroll flew open and suddenly became a door. Not like it did in its usual magically way, but in a completely different style, forming and actually becoming a door, made of wood, a crescent moon was embedded into its front, glowing a bright blue.

The cat looked up at Ayln, then motioned to the door as if to say, after you.

Ayln looked back at her body, longingly.

The cat meowed and shook its head, motioning back to the door, again in a manner that said, this is the only way.

Ayln sighed and nodded her head then headed toward the door.

It opened before her, light penetrating the frozen scene behind her. She took one last glance behind her at the cat, it nodded its head, urging her forward.

She stepped across the threshold and was immediately on an open, infinite plane of swirling light and color; a world bursting with magic. Shimmering, bending, twisting shafts of multicolored light danced all around; spiraling, like clouds, here and there. Every imaginable color hurtled and coiled around her. Time was nothing. Everything that was anything was nothing. She fell slowly like drifting through space, floating in an indescribable world. After a time, she noticed that everything around her was slowly rotating in a circle, gathering together.

Without the ability to do anything else she let herself be caught up in the shifting of its threshold. Faster and faster it spun until finally she could see everything gathering to a point, like a drain, except she was spinning upward, and at the top of the drain was a large black hole; her destination.

Then, with a wave of energy and motion, she was propelled upward into a mix of sound, light and the chaos of nothing becoming everything.

And finally, with the sound like a cannon’s boom, all was black, and silent.


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