And so it begins!

Ayln's Journey pt 1

It is only mere fleeting minutes after Ayln awakens in a strange new place, an overgrown forest, that she encounters a fierce bug-like beast of huge sizes.

She struggles to summon her spells against the creature, defending herself. But she must fight against a strangeness in the magic; an oddness that makes her stomach churn and bile rise in her throat. After overcoming the sudden sickness she is able to fry the large monster with two well-placed enchantments.

With the bug dead and more rustlings in the trees beyond, she hides herself to catch her breath.

No sooner has she done so when another figure enters the clearing, observing the aftermath of the melee. It is a female in her late twenties dressed in brown leather armor and brown traveling clothes and gear, two curved shortswords drawn and in her hands.

ADIWALD!” The female cries out, searching for the owner’s name.
“I Know you are around here somewhere! Come on out! Enough with these games!”

Ayln watches, curious.

Finally, after no one answers, the woman turns and leaves.

Ayln apts to follow after, having the sense to cast a silence spell upon herself, so that she may do so quietly.



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